Kling-On RC Racks
The Original Spot to Let Your RC Hang
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Kling On RC has an innovative solution for RC enthusiasts interested in displaying their passion. Designed and built in the USA, our patented easy-to-install aluminum wall mounts accommodate virtually any RC configuration and feature a durable black powder coat finish. Once installed, RCs take on a vertical orientation, which unlike traditional horizontal methods, adds a margin of safety and style. Un-clutter your work space and display your car collection proudly.

Our Kling On RC racks offers multiple benefits over the traditional storage methods. Start with the design of the support arms that provide a large curved surface area that eliminates the traditional flat spotting. This will let your foams and tires regain shape quickly. Next is the vertical position that the RC hangs in while on our racks. This position allows your suspension to sit with no weight or compression on the springs between use. Step into the new revolution of RC vehicle storage with your own Kling On RC racks. Available only at www.shop.klingonrc.com
(Online Store)
Are you tired of your RC vehicle on the floor tripping your every step? 

Do you have too many vehicles for your work area?

Kling-On RC Racks have you covered no matter what you drive!

Short Course*
1/8 and 1/10 Off Road Racers*
Dirt Oval*
1.9 Crawlers/ Scalers*
2.2 Crawlers/ Scalers*
Bashers and Monster Trucks*

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